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Durga puja is a revered religious and cultural festival known for its grandeur all over the world. It’s not just West Bengal that looks up to it but the entire world. During Durga Puja, West Bengal has the world’s attention and is an apt time for maximum brand promotion.

We have promoted in 72 Puja Pandals across West Bengal by installing our Banners, Gates & Standees. Out of this 72 Pujas, 52 got felicitated by Biswa Bangla & 3 got Asian Paints Sharad Samman.

According to a validated estimation, the gates and banners were viewed by 8 lakh visitors physically and an additional 8 to 9 lakh viewers through other mediums, such as puja parikrama broadcasts. The campaign touched an astounding number of people, and the response has been phenomenal. The amazing success of this promotional campaign has encouraged us to upgrade and use a similar campaign for coming years too...

What We Did

Used Creatives

We optimally utilized this opportunity, by installing gates and banners across several puja pandals in Bengal. It is a crucial time to get noticed by pandal hoppers and get impressed with visuals they can retain when they see our audio-visual advertisements. Interestingly, the puja pandals were clicked and shared over social media; thus, our gates and banners were circulated too. This was an added advantage and we got largely benefitted from it.

Overhead Gates

Big Facade



Actual Images of Different Branding Options Executed All Over West Bengal



Puja Hoarding & Gate of East Midnapore, East Burdwan




Kalna Gate

Kalna Gate

Ichalabad Youth Club

Ichalabad Youth Club




Puja Hoarding & Gate of East Burdwan, East Midnapore, West Midnapore, Malda

Ichalabad Youth Club

Club Paradise

Club Welfare

Chotabazar Sarbojonin Durgatsov

Rabindra Nagar Sarbajonin Durgaysov

Bidhannagar Purba Sarbojonin Durgapuja Commitee

United Club & Library, Uma Roy sarani

Sibaji Sangha

Kollan Samity

Anik Sangha

Puja Hoarding & Gate of Murshidabad, Hooghly, Birbhum

Jangipur Sahebbazar Sport Association

Jangipur Sahebbazar Sport Association

Babulbona Young's Corner (Madhupur Nh)


Halder Bagan Sarbojonin Durgatsav Commitee

Dankuni Milani Unnayan Samity

Jambuni Sarbajanin Durga Puja Samity

Sainthia Agrani Samaj

Sainthia Agrani Samaj

Suhrid Sangha (Mallarpur)

Puja Hoarding & Gate of Birbhum, N. 24 Parganas, S. 24 Parganas, Darjeeling, W. Burdwan

Suhrid Sangha (Mallarpur)

Labpur Puratan Bus Stand Sarbajanin Durgatsab Committee

Kalyan Krit Sangha

Padmapukur Youth Club

Rathkhola Sporting Club

Subrata Sangha

K-Sector Sarbojonin Durga Puja

Apcar Garden Durga Pura Committee

Kalyanpur Scheem-11 Durgapur Committee

Court More Adi Durgapuja

Social Media Marketing

Used Creatives

Social Media

A paid social media (FB, Instagram & WhatsApp) fun campaign was executed across several Puja Pandals to trigger active participation and engagement which subsequently helped in increasing followers.

Facebook & Instagram campaign "EBAR PUJOY AMRAI SERA" was planned from Mahalaya wherein multiple product promotions were performed to increase more connect and awareness.

The participants framed Durga Idol and Pandal pics along with beautiful selfies and posted in our page and the selected top 6 have been awarded...

Ebar Pujoy Amrai Sera Post on Our Platform

Where We Are Now

Before Puja 3070 page likes

After Puja 8010+ page likes

Before Puja 50 followers

After Puja 10000+ followers

WhatsApp Wishes

We have sent greetings & wesies to more than 700 business partners associated with us starting from Mahalaya to Dashami via WhatsApp.

Social Media Videos

Social Media Posts

Television Branding

Used Creatives

This year we explored multiple avenues and utilized on television for maximum brand promotion. We promoted through Star Jalsha , Zee 24 Ghanta, Colors Bangla and Siti Cable.

TV Programs

kids shows generate a substantial viewership of all age group which influence consumer choices. Because it’s not just the children who watch the show but even their parents. Kids’ trigger demands, that parents fulfil and thus spread the brand faster.

Keeping this in mind and since kids prefer snacks and cakes, Annapurna sponsored “Dugga Maa er Golpokotha” – Mahalaya for kids & Mahisasur Mardini also aired on Colors Bangla. Star Jalsa Mahalaya also sponsored by Annapurna. Besides this, our advertisements were continuously aired on Zee News 24 Ghanta’s "Ei Muhurte" 18 times a day 60 secs approx and other channels as well.

Puja VIP Pass

Other than normal TV campaign, we have issued 6,25000 VIP passes for Pandal hopping along with Siti Cable. Siti Cable facilitated the pass distribution and it was distributed to maximum local cable operators across districts.