About Us

Board of Directors

Shreeram Bagla

Rajesh Shaw

Sumit Sengupta

Chandan Ghosh

Sandip Maity

Dr Hitu Gambhir Mahajan

We are here to treat mainly the rural heartland of India and bring smiles to their faces. In 2016, we registered our company as Annapurna Agro Industries which is presently established as Annapurna Swadisht Limited.

Since then, we've learned and expanded our business with the help of our rooted customers in villages over the course of six years. All of this was made possible by our tireless efforts to establish a multilayer distribution network comprised of distributors, wholesalers and retailers who ensured that our products reached the people every possible corner who mattered the most for our survival.

We reached 5 lac+ retailers in 100+ towns and more than 1.5 lac villages over a 6-year period. These villages are spread across eastern India, covering West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, North East, and Odisha.

We now have 3 manufacturing plants with over 450 employees and six product lines at the most affordable prices maintaining best quality. And we proudly claim the fact that we offer the best quality products in the field of snacks at very affordable rates to rural India.

With the vision of our most experienced Board of Directors, we are presently operating 3 manufacturing units in Asansol and Siliguri.

Further, 2 more facilities are being set up in Gurap and Dhulagarh and we are expanding our offerings basket by adding products that are high on ‘impulsive-buying’ namely, instant noodles, rusk, other biscuits and edible oil.